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The next meeting is on November 13, 2018


The agenda for the next meeting. See the link at the bottom of the page to edit this agenda.

  • Approval of minutes
  • Budget Revisit
  • Teacher’s Update
  • Principal’s Report



Seaview PTA Meeting 9/11/18

Meeting started: 7:02

Attendance: 34


PTA President: Joe Julian / Co-VP: Sarah McManus and William Wisner / Treasurer: Stephanie Keller / Secretary: Liz Weigel.

Treasurer Report:

Adjustment to budgets - Will increase Shark Run projected income by $1,500. Increase in income should be realistic with additional students/classrooms. Will increase Science Expo budget to $3,000 ($1500 should rollover from prior year). Leader in Me is $7,500 annually, 1st installment of $2500 due in September. Motion to approve budget with adjustments to Shark Run/Science Expo – budget approved.

Teacher Report:

Ms. Rust – Kindergarten Jump Start huge success, strong attendance and 1st day have been successful.

Principal Report:

Classroom assessment tests are starting. 375 estimated enrollment / 435 students enrolled. Selection has been narrowed down to three 3rd grade teacher candidates. Final interviews today, background checks on Thursday and hopefully hiring on Friday. Currently reviewing rules on playground for every area. With increased students we should have 6-7 adults to supervise recess. Buddy’s for our Kindergarten class and Shark Run kick off coming soon.

Fun Run Report:

Fun run committee – Kari, Jennifer, Sarah and Jeanne. Fun Run kick-off assembly Friday, 921. Donation forms will go out to students this week. If we meet our goal Reptile Man will come to the school for 2 assemblies (primary/intermediate) total cost = $450. He will also have an evening show for students/family to attend - $1 admission per person. Looking for donations for prizes/raffles – currently have 2 kindles.

Outdoor Classroom Report:

Marci Nelson – $40k earned at auction / District will match up to $180k. Kristie Terwilliger secured $3,000 grant, actively looking for more grant opportunities. Pavers are still available $100 each, up to 6 lines / 20 characters. Boy scout troops created interpretive trail. Hiring contractors, finalizing design, secured pro-bono architect, classroom scheduled to break ground by end of October. For increased longevity bench design has been updated from wood to reinforced concrete. Students/teachers to look at space on Friday and every 6 weeks to see progression of classroom. Will review safety and security rules for classroom.

Seaview Equity Team Report:

Jeanne Millet Petty – Next meeting is 924 @ 2:40pm. Will review Race Equity Policy. District Meeting to be held @ EDCC 924 6:30-8pm.

Sarah McManus – Will create volunteer sign-up form to go out to students next week.

Next PTA meeting we will have a more thorough review of budget line items.

Door Prize Winner: Tricia Alseth

Next PTA Meeting will be held October 9, 2018 / 7-8pm

Meeting Adjourned: 7:51pm

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